Personnel instructed in working with electrical facilities
(EuP) under BGV A3

Target group: technicians, mechanics, maintenance workers, machine operators, shift supervisors, master craftsmen, engineers and persons in jobs in which they are working with electrical facilities or need access to enclosed operating sites with electrical installations.

Fields of training:

  • electrotechnological regulations- protection equipment
  • the effects of electrical power on the human body
  • shock current and touch current
  • protective measures against electrocution
  • first aid in the event of an electrical accident
  • VDE regulations
  • legal requirements
  • safety objectives, tools, testing and measuring tools

Description: In this course you receive the required instruction according to the guidelines laid down by the professional association for qualified for working at enclosed operating sites with electrical installations. You will also be qualified for carrying out work on electrical installations under supervision of an electrically skilled person.

Duration of the course: 16 hours full-time

Wilmersdorfer Straße 113/114
10627 Berlin

Zentrale Telefonnummer:
030 - 60 95 60 70