SCC training for staff and managers (male/female)

With an SCC training the work safety in your company will be optimised. The internationally recognised standard SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) is geared to the target group of staff and managers on site. The SCC training aims at raising the awareness of staff and managers of the specific dangers in their working environment.

SCC regulations 2011

The new SCC regulations have been in place since July 2011. The 2011 regulations contain a number of significant changes regarding the requirements on and conditions to be met by staff applying for a certificate.

Depending on which conditions for entry are met, participants will undergo a two or three day SCC training. The training imparts knowledge of the legal essentials in occupational safety, the most common causes of accidents as well as emergency procedures.

Course contents

  •  legal essentials in occupational safety
  • danger and risk assessment
  • causes of accidents and accident reporting
  • safety conform conduct
  • responsibilities, rights and duties of employers and employees
  • workplace and operational specifications
  • emergency procedures
  • hazardous substances and goods
  • fire and explosion prevention
  • work equipment
  • working methods
  • electricity and radiation
  • workplace layout
  • personal protective equipment (PPE – German: PSA)


  •  operational staff and managers of all industries
  • 3 day courses
  • 2 day courses for participants with completed vocational training

Valid for 10 years

DOK 18 fees

Price on request

DOK 17 fees

Price on request

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